MADE in SCMADE in SC, NSF RII Track-1 award

On September 19, 2017, the State of South Carolina announced the receipt of an NSF EPSCoR RII Track-1 award, Materials Assembly and Design Excellence in South Carolina (MADE in SC). MADE in SC will discover and develop

new intelligently designed optical, electrochemical and magnetic materials (Thrust 1), stimuli-responsive polymeric materials (Thrust 2), and interactive biomaterials (Thrust 3), with all supported by a new Multiscale Modeling and Computation Core.

MADE in SC will lead to high impact discoveries and have a significant translational impact on SC educational institutions, playing a critical role in the economic growth and vitality of the state and nation, and positioning MADE in SC among the most capable academic organizations for materials research in the world.

News about MADE in SC will be incoporated with SC EPSCoR’s newsletters which will include more details about the MADE in SC initiative and highlighting the scientific research and workforce development activities. If you aren't receiving the newsletter(s), subscribe here.