SC EPSCoR Pre-proposal Selection for next NSF RII Track-1 Proposal

Following a competitive process and an independent external panel evaluation, the SC EPSCOR State Committee wishes to announce the project to be submitted in 2022 to the NSF Track-1 Research Infrastructure Improvement program.

ADAPT-H: AI-Enabled Devices for the Advancement of Personalized and Transformative Healthcare submitted by Clemson University was identified as the top Research Infrastructure Improvement Track-1 pre-proposal submitted in response to SC EPSCoR Solicitation 12-2020.  Dr. Bruce Gao (Clemson University) is the Science Director/co-PI on the pre-proposal.  Application co-PIs include Dr. Anthony Guiseppi-Elie (Anderson University), Dr. Jihad Obeid (Medical University of South Carolina), and Dr. Qi Wang (University of South Carolina).  An overview of the pre-proposal’s programmatic theme is given below. 

MADE in SC, NSF RII Track-1 Award


Materials Assembly and Design Excellence in South Carolina (MADE in SC) will discover and develop new intelligently designed optical, electrochemical and magnetic materials (Thrust 1), stimuli-responsive polymeric materials (Thrust 2), and interactive biomaterials (Thrust 3), with all supported by a Multiscale Modeling and Computation Core.

Research conducted by MADE in SC faculty and students will be aligned with the Materials Genome Initiative (MGI) using the MGI Framework and MGI Databases identified by the project team.

MADE in SC will lead to high impact discoveries and have a significant translational impact on SC academic institutions, playing a critical role in the economic growth and vitality of the state and nation, and positioning MADE in SC among the most capable organizations for materials research in the world.

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