MADE in SC All-Faculty Meeting

Friday, February 22, 2019

University of South Carolina Alumni Center
900 Senate Street
Columbia, South Carolina 29201

Meeting Schedule



9:30 am Check-In
10 am Opening Remarks: Dr. Raj Bordia, MADE in SC Scientific Director
10:10 am (each presentation is ~10 minutes) Presentations by 2018 GEAR and GEAR CRP recipients
  • Sophya Garashchuk (UofSC), Simulation of nuclear quantum effects on properties of advanced materials employing adaptable Gaussian Bases, GEAR
  • PI Qi Wang (UofSC), Co-PIs Yi Sun (UofSC) and Gurcan Comert (Benedict College), A Hybrid Discrete-Continuum Model for Simulating Sprouting Angiogenesis in 3D Biofabrication, GEAR CRP
  • Sapna Sarupria (Clemson), Discovering colloidal structures using machine learning and advanced sampling methods in molecular simulations, GEAR
  • PI Jay Potts (UofSC SOMC), Co-PIs Mark Uline (UofSC) and Matt Stern (Winthrop), Modeling interactive biomaterial effects on self-organizing tissues, GEAR CRP
  • PI Konstantin Kornev (Clemson), Co-PI Ekatrina Michonova (Erskine), The effect of physical and chemical signals on cellular behavior across multiple scales, GEAR CRP
  • Ying Mei (Clemson), Development of Biomaterials Informatics for Human Cardiac Organogenesis, GEAR
  • PI Qian Wang (UofSC), Co-PIs Hong Jiang (Benedict) and Li Cai (UofSC Lancaster), Multivalent Cell Recognition through Galectins using Virus Nanoparticles, GEAR CRP
  • Jessica Larsen (Clemson), Stimuli responsive polymeric nanoparticles as a tool for probing neurodegeneration in situ, GEAR
  • PI Kenneth Shimizu (UofSC), Co-PI Sheri Strickland (Converse), Programmable Polymers based on restricted rotation formed by free radical polymerization, GEAR CRP
  • Thompson Mefford (Clemson), Intelligent design of nickel doped ferrite for enhanced energy transfer, GEAR (PI Rachel Getman, Clemson)
12 pm Networking Lunch
12:45 pm Reporting Your Work: Dr. Nadim Aziz, SC EPSCoR Program Director
1 pm Research Cluster Meetings
  • MCC: Multi-Scale Modeling and Computation Core (Conference Room 1A)
  • Thrust 1: Optical, Electrochemical and Magnetic Materials (Conference Room 1B)
  • Thrust 2: Stimuli-Responsive Polymeric Materials (Conference Room 1C)
  • Thrust 3: Rational Design of Interactive Biomaterials (Ballroom 1)
    3 pm Report Back from Research Cluster Meetings and General Discussion: Dr. Raj Bordia
    4 pm Adjourn