REU Program Focus On Dr. Joan Marler

(August 31, 2017) Dr. Joan Marler, Physics at Clemson University, was one of our recent REU recipients for her project, “Atomic Physics with Trapped Ions Summer REU at Clemson University.”

Says Marler of her REU students, “They are going well! Both students have made a lot of progress on their project. Jared [not pictured] has been setting up a laser system for laser cooling of trapped ions. Daniel has been working with our other setup and making some nice measurements on the energy distribution of an argon ion beam that we will use for studying the interaction of argon ions with neutral gases.”

In these photo, REU student Daniel Fox is taking data with an Argon ion beam and a charged particle detector. The other student shown in the photo is Marler’s graduate student Steve Bromley.

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