Phase-0 Focus on Purilogics

PurilogicsTM was a 2013 recipient of the SC EPSCoR Phase-0 Program which provides seed grants to small businesses seeking Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) and Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) support.

Purilogics provides high-speed single-use and disposable membrane filters for biopharmaceutical companies to increase the productivity of biologics purification dramatically. Biopharmaceutical companies have used resin chromatography columns for decades to purify biologics. However, their slow purification speed has become a critical bottleneck, causing delays in the development pipeline that can result in million dollar per day losses for these companies. Purilogics has validated this problem through customer discovery interviews with more than 150 experts.

Purilogics offers a series of PuriTM disposable membrane chromatography columns that enable >100 times faster biologics purification speed and superior capacity than resin columns. PuriTM columns are designed with “plug-and-play” compatibility with existing purification systems used in biopharmaceutical companies. The core technology is patented through Clemson University Research Foundation (CURF). Purilogics has an exclusive option and limited use license agreement with CURF.

Our simple-to-use and scalable membrane columns will significantly improve our customers’ purification speed and help them get biologic drugs to market faster. Our products will reduce purification times from hours to minutes.

To date, Purilogics has earned $1,960,000 in non-dilutive capital, including two NIH SBIR Phase-I awards and one NIH SBIR Phase-II award, to develop the technology. Purilogics is working with three biopharmaceutical companies in validating its prototypes.

Company Profile

  • Management: Scott M. Husson, PhD, President and Jinxiang Zhou, PhD, Vice President
  • Location: ITOR, Greenville Health System, Greenville, SC
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