2024 SC EPSCoR Annual State Conference
April 9, 2024

The 2024 SC EPSCoR State Conference is a one-day conference intended to bring together faculty, post-doctoral fellows, graduate students, undergraduate students, and STEM professionals to facilitate networking and promote collaboration among South Carolina.

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Thank you to those who attended the state conference. We look forward to seeing you next year!

We’re sorry, but the deadline for registration has passed. 

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The Conference will be held at the Columbia Metropolitain Convention Center.

1101 Lincoln St, Columbia, SC 29201

Interested Graduate Programs or Graduate Schools must register/submit a request to be considered for exhibit space. Please click here to request exhibit space.

The deadline to register is Friday, March 1, 2024 at 5:00pm. Please note the maximum number of exhibits may be reached before March 1st.

Abstracts may be submitted on the following topics:

Education, Outreach, and Diversity (EOD): Abstracts can focus on the challenges, success stories, and best practices in: STEM Education, Diversity, Science Community, Broad EOD

ADAPT in SC Project Related Themes:

  • Biomedical AI
  • Data Generation
  • New Development in Modeling Using Small Datasets
  • Large Language Models and Their Applications to Healthcare
  • Prompt Engineering for ChatGPT,
  • Modeling Dynamical Systems Using AI,
  • Integration of Mechanistic Modeling with AI,
  • Biomedical Device Development,
  • XAI (Explainable AI)

Other Topics of Interest:

  • Cybersecurity: Threats and Opportunities
  • Resiliency: Climate change, natural hazards, infrastructure (water, energy network/communications, transportation, etc.)
  • Energy: generation, storage, distribution and use.
  • Advanced Materials Science
  • Other Vision 2030 South Carolina Science and Technology Plan topics

If you have general conference questions please contact:

April Heyward, MRA
SC EPSCoR Program Manager
South Carolina Research Authority
e. april.heyward@scra.org